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What is classic design?   

From my perspective I think back to the helmets of names such as Senna, Andretti, Mansell, Prost, where the helmet design was an extension of the drivers nationality or personality. Designs not cluttered - but elegant, and as individual as the driver.  You knew instantly who it was based upon the helmet. lechner racing design works to develop and produce a product as individual as the person using it. We want to make you instantly recognizable whether in or out of the car.                      

How does it work?    

We gather thoughts and ideas together and get the design down on paper to give an idea of what the design would look like. We then agree upon the paints, color, and price.  Then start work.  Normally as well, we will provide pictures via email so you can see the progress during painting.

How long does it take?   

 We pick a time frame that the work needs to be completed within. Normally it takes about 4 weeks. (much depends upon the design as well)

What is your experience?      

Always an artist, I started painting helmets when I needed a helmet for autocrossing. I then bought a race kart and needed a helmet for that as well. Being one to personalize my equipment, I decided I could do the same with my helmets. Having experience in model painting, and with some research into the what's and how's of helmet painting... I made contact with a PPG provider, and dove in and painted my helmets.   Friends really liked how these looked, and asked me to do their helmet as well. From there I have been doing projects for friends, and acquaintances that I've met at the Vintage races, and various Car Club events. Living 1/2 hr from Elkhart Lake and Road America keeps me at the race track for the many events thru the year, where I get the chance to meet racers and friends in the process. My prices are lower than most, as we're keeping this as a small personal business.  We do not advertise much, only asking our clients and friends to simply tell another friend.                   

If your helmet is still white - call or email - we can help.

I hope to talk with you soon.   Tony Lechner - lechner racing design.

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Sahlens helmet

Nonamakers helmet

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Can't beat a british flag helmet in a Triumph.